Happy November!

Just a quick note to say thanks to everyone for their awesome Halloween pics! Later today I will compile all the names of people who submitted their costumed characters and draw one name (via random.org number generator) for the contest winner!

One other note: BabyBlooze is putting on its big boy/big girl pants and becoming a “real” site (the back end stuff). You won’t notice any real changes at first but I mention this only because there may be just a couple of days at the beg of this week where there won’t be any new photos (like today).

Thanks for all the support! It’s so much fun getting to see all the awesome photos people submit and even more fun to share them with our growing community of visitors! See you soon…

– BabyBlooze Liz


Needs courage – stat

hear me rawr

It’s Year 2 and not much has changed; this was last year’s attempt at Halloween. We hope by Trick-or-Treat time this evening, she’ll have the courage to proudly wear this outfit for a rip-RAWRing time!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

(Thanks, Rachael. Rachael is the hilarious force behind Pineapple Babble, one of my favorite blogs! If you visit her there, you’ll see her precious “Pineapple” actually does have happy moments. Promise.)


Color Me Whine


Oh dear. Looks like the color-your-own costume idea wasn’t well received. I could just see this cop breaking up a rowdy prom with a bunch of toddlers in faux tuxedo shirts. Too, tutu cute!

(Rachael strikes again! Her son’s discontent being Superman and a Bavarian boy has also been documented on this site. Wonder if he would finally smile over one of mom’s adorable tutus? In any case, thank you for all the photos.)

Having reservations

performance anxiety

This “Little Indian” is putting forth his bravest face; Grandma says he was a little nervous about the school play. Through his trail of tears, we see a glimpse of a smile.

(Thank you Ann! No wonder you are a proud Grandma.)

Handy Man


Not sure if this tiny tike is protesting his spirited hat or his missing fist. In any case, his screams are on target with the holiday.

(Thanks, Chrystal! Chrystal’s the mom of  3 girls and one bouncing baby boy, pictured above. Her adventures can be found on her blog, Mommafo.)

Web development


The little one aspires to graduate from SpiderBaby to SpiderMan someday.

A Swine Time


While this pic was taken years prior to the Swine Flu hysteria, here’s poor Piglet, cutting her first bottom teeth and attempting to smile with a 102 temp on her very first Halloween.

(Thanks, Cindy! Hope your Halloween this year is fever-free.)