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Guest Post from Awkward Family Photos: The Joker

TheJoker-AFP submission

Doug and Mike from one of our FAVORITE sites Awkward Family Photos contibuted this bloozy photo. Good move, baby – I would have opted for the drugs rather than the hugs, too.

(Thanks, AFP! Keep up the great work on your site!)


A tale of two sisters

a tale of two sisters

‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…’ during the twins’ first birthday, depending on who you asked. One twin delighted in diving into her smash cake with gusto while her sister obviously took issue with the whole ordeal. Luckily for a mom with twins, you can just photograph the happy one and pass it off that both girls had a magical 1st birthday experience!

(Thanks, Mary S.!)

Separate the baby from the darks and whites



He begs to differ with the statement on his t-shirt.

(Thanks, Tony P.!)

Stage fright

Stage Fright

Or stage “flight” – this poor girl kept trying to run off but her mother was determined to have her get her 15 minutes of fame.

Beachtime Blooze




A 2-for-1 BeachBlooze special in honor of summertime meltdowns everywhere. Someone tell these California coastal kids they have it GOOD. No need to cry over perfect weather 365 days a year.

(Thanks, Stephanie C. and Terra G.!)

Pooh! I scared ya

Pooh! I scared ya

The kid was perfectly fine until he saw who he was sharing the photo with. Guest Post: No wonder she’s scared


Kris and Chase at Manbabies contributed this gem – no explanation needed for her emotional state.

(Thanks, Manbabies! We love your collection of hilarious Manbabies & Babymen)