Anyone else out there enjoy pictures of kids that have the blues, or is that just me?

So you heard this blog is about unhappy children and you still visited anyway? Okay, great, then you and I will get along fine.  If you’re anything like me, you’d rather reach for your point-and-shoot digicam before rushing to retrieve Bactine and a BandAid when your toddler gets knocked into a gutter by a 112-lb Golden Retriever. When a larger-than-life character mascot approaches your screaming kid in a never-been-washed fur suit, do you embrace her in a hug or merely extract her tightly clutched arms from around your legs to get a better angle on the shot? You know that kind of emotion is primal and best perserved on an SD card, right?

Over the years, it seems I’ve collected a range of photos showing my children clearly articulating – through screams and tears – unhappy emotions. When I look back at the photos, I can’t help but smile, thinking — aww, how cute

The only problem is I have never known what to do with these photos… it’s not like I can add them to the baby books or tuck one into the annual holiday newsletter. So, I choose to share them with you and invite you to share your own gems, too!

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