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Frankly, the lil’ hotdogger is sayin’ her outfit doesn’t cut the mustard. (ba-da-bum!)

[Editor’s note: The key problem here is the outfit is all wrong – this is the oft-talked about sweetie of the Pineapple Babble blog.]

(Thanks, Rachael! So great meeting you at BlogHer!)


Rhi-no, No, NO!


Maybe it looks a little too realistic?

(The ironic thing about this photo is that Dad is a researcher and travels the world studying rhinos. But he admits that sometimes rhinos make him cry, too. Thanks, Edy!)

Parting is such sweet sorrow


Grandma must be pretty special. Mom tells us this is the “don’t-make-me-leave-grandma’s-house” pout. Every time Mom mentioned leaving, her kiddo’s whole demeanor would turn from happy and playful into THIS.

(Thanks, Karmen K.!)

PJs a no-no

This is what happened at Mary’s house upon the suggestion of pajamas…


And this…

category 5 - pjs-a-no-nosm

(You can almost hear the shrieks, can’t you?)


After she got it all out of her system (and realized she was already wearing PJs), she acquiesced and slept very soundly.

(Thanks, Mary! This is her second submission — her first one is here.)

Love hurts

Boy with the Blooze

This is the face of a sad boy after a delightful “older woman” (she was 4) didn’t want to play with him. Luckily, the story has a happy ending – 5 minutes later, the two climbed on the monkey bars together.

(Thanks, Soumik, for the sweet shot!)

BlogHer hiatus

BabyBlooze Liz will be at BlogHer in Chicago this week… Drop me a line if you’re planning to be there too! I’ll be in the HP-sponsored “Business of You” track and TypeAMomfluence par-tay.

The hand that soothes


Economy got you down? Nothing like a lil’ ole “pat-pat” (in this case, from Grandpa) to make the day go by easier.

(Thanks, SarahMarie! And thanks for the comments; love hearing from you!)