PJs a no-no

This is what happened at Mary’s house upon the suggestion of pajamas…


And this…

category 5 - pjs-a-no-nosm

(You can almost hear the shrieks, can’t you?)


After she got it all out of her system (and realized she was already wearing PJs), she acquiesced and slept very soundly.

(Thanks, Mary! This is her second submission — her first one is here.)


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  1. Posted by Mary on July 28, 2009 at 11:10 am

    Ahhh, my beautiful little one. It’s hard to believe but she’s really happy about 95% of the time. This is the 5%…


    • I love it Mary!! We get the same, infrequent meltdowns in our house from my oldest. The baby melts down a lot more frequently. Thanks again for the photos!!!


  2. This is too funny! And the sad part? Her jammies are ADORABLE!

    Pineapple is at that point where she’s starting to realize she is capable of an opinion…she sort of has fits and when we say “no” responds with a blank stare…I don’t expect that to last long. At what age, exactly, should you start being worried about them being spoiled…just asking… : )


    • For the next 17 years??? šŸ˜‰

      I try to keep it positive and say “Wow, isn’t it great my youngster has such a strong opinion and knows how to express it?!!” – when really I am going prematurely gray at the constant meltdowns. Good luck with the Pineapple as she gets older!!


  3. […] A “category 5″ tantrum (b) Pouty (c) […]


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