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Yet another proof point that “The Happiest Place on Earth” (aka Disneyland) can sometimes be anything but.


Angry to the MAX


The day will be better once Mom takes him out of the box.

Thanks to Mom Carissa for the photo and for her efforts in the OfficeMax “A Day Made Better” promotion to support teachers. Carissa’s blog is one of more than 30 sites helping to spread the word about teacher-funded classrooms and is hosting a giveaway for a deserving teacher. Enter here by Sunday, October 4, midnight PDT.

Sweet Siren


This is a fire truck and it goes we-oo, we-oo. Cute onesie? Or a dose of reality for shell-shocked new parents?

(Thanks, Heather! Heather is the talented force behind one of my favorite crafting/kid project blogs, DollarStoreCrafts. She also runs CraftFail, a hilarious look when craft projects go wrong.)  

Baton down the hatches…


…looks like this kiddo is waging a raging battle against the seatbelt.

(Thanks, Jesus! Poor lil’ guy; I think everyone who sees this frustrated little face will give a collective AWWWW!)

Sad Dad


This gem is what Mama calls “The first week is a little rough on everyone.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

(Thanks, Nicole! You can check out Nicole’s adorable baby – who mostly smiles – on her blog

Mr. Sandman


Of the many reasons to shed tears at the playgound (no available swings, other kids not sharing, scared to down on the slide, etc., etc.), this one is a surprise. Mom explains it in her succinct email, “He’s upset because he got sand on his hands.  AT A PLAYGROUND.” 

Here’s to the cleanest toddler in Texas!

(Thanks for the cute photo and story, Kathy!)

Bundle of Joy?


If looks could chill… Despite being bundled up just as snug as a bug, this little one was not too happy about an early morning jaunt in the cool, crisp fall weather.