Vintage blooze: Costume Envy


Halloween 1963. Author Annie Wilder, the little sister pictured above, offers this commentary:  My mask may have portrayed a smiling witch/mouse/troll/hobo, but underneath its plastic cheeriness, I wanted nothing more than to be a sparkly crown-wearing princess with fancy slippers like my older sister, Iris.

Can’t blame her. Can someone tell me what this mask actually is?

What is this?

Seriously, WHAT is this?

(By the way, this photo is from Annie’s new book SPIRITS OUT OF TIME about real-life family ghost stories released just last month in time for Halloween. Annie was kind enough to send me a copy of her book, which I’ve read (see my review) — and I’m honored to pass it along to the person who can figure out what the heck her mask was all about! Simply leave a comment on this post or our Facebook fan page to enter.)


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  1. I think this may be a terrifying version of The Elf on the Shelf. *shudder* I will have trouble pulling him out of the box this year. :S

    I am a spook-a-holic but too much of a scaredy cat to see things like “Paranormal Activity.” Being from the south, I believe this obsession with the paranormal is in my blood. If you’re giving away her book, I’d LURVE to win it! And then hide under the covers with my flashlight while I read it. ; )


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