Kryptonite Khristmas


Mom says, “Superman’s Kryptonite: too many presents!”

Meanwhile, how awesome is it to let your little one wear a Superman costume on Christmas morning? You rock, Rachael!

(Rachael blogs for RockOnMommies. This is her second Halloween costume submission – check out Mr. Superman in his Ledherhosen here. Thank you Rachael!)


5 responses to this post.

  1. Was so lovely to meet you last weekend. Your blog has kept me giggling for the last two days. So nice to see other “sad” baby faces. Schadenfreude strikes again!

    BTW, Love the title of this post!


  2. love this one!! and the vintage one too.. reminds me I have some OLD halloween shots of myself… Hmmm? good idea!


  3. As always, waaaaay too cute!!! 😀 I don’t even know if you accept blog awards, but I’m giving you one anyways, because I heart your blog, seeing all those cutie crying babies makes me smile! 😉


  4. ok, the piglet costume is too cute. my little one is going to be a pink pig this year. thx for stopping by my site…missed meeting you at SITscation but next time for sure.


  5. […] strikes again! Her son’s discontent being Superman and a Bavarian boy has also been documented on this site. Wonder if he would finally smile over […]


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