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Having reservations

performance anxiety

This “Little Indian” is putting forth his bravest face; Grandma says he was a little nervous about the school play. Through his trail of tears, we see a glimpse of a smile.

(Thank you Ann! No wonder you are a proud Grandma.)


Web development


The little one aspires to graduate from SpiderBaby to SpiderMan someday.

The Very Grouchy Caterpillar


“Bloozers, Bloozers, what do you see?” It’s a one-photo mashup of children’s author Eric Carle‘s finest works: his beloved “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” together with “The Grouchy Ladybug.” I really don’t want to know how the ending turns out.

(Thanks, Melissa. Her little caterpillar has been featured once before showing his best road trip face!)

Penguin is MAD-agascar



Heaven knows what could perturb this sweet lil’ penguin… Sea lion? Killer whale? Or maybe running out of candy before Halloween ended?

(Thanks, Ginger! I have to say a penguin is a pretty unique Halloween costume for a little one – love it).

Not clowning around



This poor kid certainly did not intend it, but his bright and cheery costume juxtaposed against his dark and dreary mood had me howling in laugher – which is exactly what effective clowns do. Well played, kiddo!

(Thanks, Sara. In addition to torturing her son every Halloween, Mom Sara runs and is a blogger to boot! We bow down not only to her multi-tasking but to these adorable & cheeky t-shirts for babies and kids — this one could be the official t-shirt for!)

Mr. Sandman


Of the many reasons to shed tears at the playgound (no available swings, other kids not sharing, scared to down on the slide, etc., etc.), this one is a surprise. Mom explains it in her succinct email, “He’s upset because he got sand on his hands.  AT A PLAYGROUND.” 

Here’s to the cleanest toddler in Texas!

(Thanks for the cute photo and story, Kathy!)

Nap Protest


I think every parent knows the face and the accompanying whine associated with a nap protest.

(Thanks, Jenny! This is her second submission – Check out her little dude expressing displeasure over his Halloween costume here.)