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The Very Grouchy Caterpillar


“Bloozers, Bloozers, what do you see?” It’s a one-photo mashup of children’s author Eric Carle‘s finest works: his beloved “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” together with “The Grouchy Ladybug.” I really don’t want to know how the ending turns out.

(Thanks, Melissa. Her little caterpillar has been featured once before showing his best road trip face!)


Fruitless fun


Here we have a convincing Mini Carmen Miranda (adorned with tassles and everything!) with a look on her face that can be described as anything but jubliant. Mom chuckles thinking how her daughter will look back on this photo and be upset about the costume — I’d reckon she’ll be even more miffed when she realizes Mom shared this with the entire community of BabyBlooze!

(Thanks, Kelli! Kelli’s kids are well-documented – the good and the bad moments. Luckily for us, she is generous about sharing! Check here and here for previous photos.)

Who shot the sherriff?


Mom Jennifer reports that they lovingly called him “The Reluctant Sherriff” during the hoopla of last year’s Halloween. Not once did he lighten up during the full day of fun parties and events. She is crossing her fingers that this year’s astronaut costume is received a little more enthusiastically.

(Thanks, Jennifer! Besides picking out unappreciated Halloween costumes, Jennifer runs an awesome boutique where you can get eco-friendly products for babies, kids and home. Her blog, Baby Grows Green, offers easy and afforable tips about living green for the aspiring eco-parent.)

Bundle of Joy?


If looks could chill… Despite being bundled up just as snug as a bug, this little one was not too happy about an early morning jaunt in the cool, crisp fall weather.

Casting a wary eye

Wary Eye

Wow. I can see it now. This little dude is going to pull this effective stern face on his future daughter’s prom date. Geez, I’m not even a guy and I’m already feeling judged.

(Thanks, Connie S! This is one experienced mom; 3 boys – and a baby girl on the way!)

Snuggle overload


It’s not easy being the cute, new baby in the house — everyone wants a piece of snuggle action!  Big Bro gets left out of the cold, as this baby girl is all cuddled-out.

(Thanks, Jenifer, and congrats on Baby #3!)

Um, napkin please?


While the rest of the family was engrossed in dinner coversation, they didn’t notice the lone piece of lasagna that migrated from the table and onto the entire surface area of the baby’s face. The incredulous look on that sweet face, Mom says, is because she wanted to be cleaned up — but instead Mom ran to get the camera to capture this funny little moment.

Thanks, Tracey F.! Besides parenting her two gorgeous kiddos, Tracey highlights innovative baby products on her blog.