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A Swine Time


While this pic was taken years prior to the Swine Flu hysteria, here’s poor Piglet, cutting her first bottom teeth and attempting to smile with a 102 temp on her very first Halloween.

(Thanks, Cindy! Hope your Halloween this year is fever-free.)




This is one sad Buzz Lightyear; bummed out because the neighbor kids had light sabers. Suddenly the Space Ranger’s flying wings didn’t seem so cool.

Foul weather fans


Mom claims the sad faces are due to a bout of inclement weather on the putt-putt courses last week. I think they might be due to a bout of bad playing by the reigning Super Bowl champs.

[Note to Ben Roethlisberger: If you don’t turn the 2 game losing streak around this week against the Chargers, my hubs will lose a bet and have to wear a ridiculous ‘stache for a whole week!]

(Thanks, Susanna, for the picture of your two lovely and sad boys!)

Hello beach, goodbye smile



Born and bred a Californian — still, it looks like it will take more than 3 1/2 months to get acclimated to the water. (Hint: move back to Southern CA).

(Thanks, Alison, and congrats on your little girl!)

Hat Trick


Hat Trick

Photographer Hillary Gardner found that shooting this lil’ 1-year old with his adorable birthday hat was a little trickier than she thought it would be.

(Thanks, Hillary! Be sure to check out Hillary’s Southern CA location-based work on her web site.)

Left Behind


The mournful look of the youngest child of the family, watching her two older sisters head out to do their big-girl activities for the day.

(Thank you so much, Sharon M.!  Check out Sharon’s previous submission – it’s one of my favorites.)

Love hurts

Boy with the Blooze

This is the face of a sad boy after a delightful “older woman” (she was 4) didn’t want to play with him. Luckily, the story has a happy ending – 5 minutes later, the two climbed on the monkey bars together.

(Thanks, Soumik, for the sweet shot!)