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Web development


The little one aspires to graduate from SpiderBaby to SpiderMan someday.


Snuggle overload


It’s not easy being the cute, new baby in the house — everyone wants a piece of snuggle action!  Big Bro gets left out of the cold, as this baby girl is all cuddled-out.

(Thanks, Jenifer, and congrats on Baby #3!)

Vintage: Guess who?

bro 'n sis

At Day One I was already demonstrating a distrust for my older brother. This may have been the first – but definitely not the last – time he made me cry.

[Editor’s note: Thanks, Dad, for finding this gem in “the archives.” I also find it quite comforting to know where I get my sense of humor.]

Wasn’t me


Mom suspects Big Sis couldn’t wait to test if her new baby brother was pinch-resistant. He wasn’t.

(Thanks, Sara S.A.! Her second BB submission – Woot! Her first is here.)

A tale of two sisters

a tale of two sisters

‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…’ during the twins’ first birthday, depending on who you asked. One twin delighted in diving into her smash cake with gusto while her sister obviously took issue with the whole ordeal. Luckily for a mom with twins, you can just photograph the happy one and pass it off that both girls had a magical 1st birthday experience!

(Thanks, Mary S.!)

Dis’ your Sis


I don’t know if I’m more impressed by Little Sis’ execution of such a disdainful, disapproving look or Big Sister’s power to completely ignore it.

(Thanks, Christine M.!)