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Kryptonite Khristmas


Mom says, “Superman’s Kryptonite: too many presents!”

Meanwhile, how awesome is it to let your little one wear a Superman costume on Christmas morning? You rock, Rachael!

(Rachael blogs for RockOnMommies. This is her second Halloween costume submission – check out Mr. Superman in his Ledherhosen here. Thank you Rachael!)


Tiggerific Tantrum

tiggerific tantrum

RAWR, we’re loving this fierce and feisty Tigger in all her makeup-smeared glory. Mom Rhiannon assures us that the tantrum was not long-lived; a smiling happy-go-lucky Tigger emerged just a few minutes later.

(Thanks, Riahnnon!)

PJs a no-no

This is what happened at Mary’s house upon the suggestion of pajamas…


And this…

category 5 - pjs-a-no-nosm

(You can almost hear the shrieks, can’t you?)


After she got it all out of her system (and realized she was already wearing PJs), she acquiesced and slept very soundly.

(Thanks, Mary! This is her second submission — her first one is here.)

When one binky is just not enough

two-binky alarm

Hmm, perhaps three is the magic number?

(Thanks, Sharon M. who took this shot on a recent berry-picking adventure with her daughter.)

Dockside Defiance


On a recent lake vacation, the scenario went like this:
Swimsuit and sunscreen? Check!
Life jacket? Check!
Willing life jacket-wearing-passenger? NO

Therefore, according to Mom, this land lover sat on shore and cried for almost an HOUR before finally caving, putting on the life jacket and then having the time of her life with the rest of the family.

(Thanks for the story and photo, Kelli S.!)

A bold statement

A Bold Statement

You’ve got to hand it to this 2-month old; even though she can’t talk, she is CLEARLY articulating exactly how she feels. 

Any further questions? Please direct them to those flexed toes – very expressive!

(Thanks, Jessie B.!)

Beachtime Blooze




A 2-for-1 BeachBlooze special in honor of summertime meltdowns everywhere. Someone tell these California coastal kids they have it GOOD. No need to cry over perfect weather 365 days a year.

(Thanks, Stephanie C. and Terra G.!)