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Fruitless fun


Here we have a convincing Mini Carmen Miranda (adorned with tassles and everything!) with a look on her face that can be described as anything but jubliant. Mom chuckles thinking how her daughter will look back on this photo and be upset about the costume — I’d reckon she’ll be even more miffed when she realizes Mom shared this with the entire community of BabyBlooze!

(Thanks, Kelli! Kelli’s kids are well-documented – the good and the bad moments. Luckily for us, she is generous about sharing! Check here and here for previous photos.)


Tiggerific Tantrum

tiggerific tantrum

RAWR, we’re loving this fierce and feisty Tigger in all her makeup-smeared glory. Mom Rhiannon assures us that the tantrum was not long-lived; a smiling happy-go-lucky Tigger emerged just a few minutes later.

(Thanks, Riahnnon!)

Our first official contest winner

Did you notice? A new screaming child is the face of BabyBlooze!

Kudos to Ashley for winning the Best Blooze of the Month contest with her adorable son’s photo of his very first haircut. She has the HONOR and PRESTIGE of having her photo featured as the official avatar of (on Twitter and Facebook) for the month of October.

I also have a fancy new badge for Ashley (and subsequent winners) to use on their blogs.


Jealous yet? If so, submit your bloozy photos to us – you could be our next winner!

BlogHer hiatus

BabyBlooze Liz will be at BlogHer in Chicago this week… Drop me a line if you’re planning to be there too! I’ll be in the HP-sponsored “Business of You” track and TypeAMomfluence par-tay.