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Nap Protest


I think every parent knows the face and the accompanying whine associated with a nap protest.

(Thanks, Jenny! This is her second submission – Check out her little dude expressing displeasure over his Halloween costume here.)


Safety First

high voltage

Mom got quite the high voltage reaction as she tried to extract a makeshift teether from her son’s mouth. What a shocker!

Hat Trick


Hat Trick

Photographer Hillary Gardner found that shooting this lil’ 1-year old with his adorable birthday hat was a little trickier than she thought it would be.

(Thanks, Hillary! Be sure to check out Hillary’s Southern CA location-based work on her web site.)

First Scare-cut

First Scarecut

Everyting about this salon was “child-friendly” but this little guy was convinced otherwise on his very first haircut.

(Thanks, Ashley B.!)

Swimming lessons


This is what Dad learned: the adorable swimsuit made a big splash; the actual act of swimming did not.

(Thanks, Peeved Michelle, for your second submission – her first is here. If her newborn daughter could talk, she would likely complain about her swimming experience on Michelle’s blog, The Peevery.)

Fit to be tied


Mom swears her sweetie is happy most of the time but in this picture she’s getting a bad wrap.

(Thanks, Holly N. aka the self-proclaimed Domestic Dork. Her blog is for those of us who don’t mind letting their dust bunnies breed while we’re doing other important stuff.)    Photo credit Madchen Studios.



Frankly, the lil’ hotdogger is sayin’ her outfit doesn’t cut the mustard. (ba-da-bum!)

[Editor’s note: The key problem here is the outfit is all wrong – this is the oft-talked about sweetie of the Pineapple Babble blog.]

(Thanks, Rachael! So great meeting you at BlogHer!)