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Needs courage – stat

hear me rawr

It’s Year 2 and not much has changed; this was last year’s attempt at Halloween. We hope by Trick-or-Treat time this evening, she’ll have the courage to proudly wear this outfit for a rip-RAWRing time!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

(Thanks, Rachael. Rachael is the hilarious force behind Pineapple Babble, one of my favorite blogs! If you visit her there, you’ll see her precious “Pineapple” actually does have happy moments. Promise.)





Mom Julie says it best: “It’s my son at 3 months in a lobster suit that we reassigned as a crab to match his sister’s Ariel the Mermaid costume. He was Sebastian, but as you can see the whole thing had him feeling… crabby….” [HA! I love it when the parents do the punny work for me!]

Thanks a million, Julie!

The Very Grouchy Caterpillar


“Bloozers, Bloozers, what do you see?” It’s a one-photo mashup of children’s author Eric Carle‘s finest works: his beloved “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” together with “The Grouchy Ladybug.” I really don’t want to know how the ending turns out.

(Thanks, Melissa. Her little caterpillar has been featured once before showing his best road trip face!)

Sweet Siren


This is a fire truck and it goes we-oo, we-oo. Cute onesie? Or a dose of reality for shell-shocked new parents?

(Thanks, Heather! Heather is the talented force behind one of my favorite crafting/kid project blogs, DollarStoreCrafts. She also runs CraftFail, a hilarious look when craft projects go wrong.)  

Nap Protest


I think every parent knows the face and the accompanying whine associated with a nap protest.

(Thanks, Jenny! This is her second submission – Check out her little dude expressing displeasure over his Halloween costume here.)

Rough Rider

rough rider

They don’t call them bouncy seats for nothing!

(Thanks, Cindy, a fellow Twitter friend who’s just started chronicling the adventures of her two boys on her family blog. Have fun with it!)

Fit to be tied


Mom swears her sweetie is happy most of the time but in this picture she’s getting a bad wrap.

(Thanks, Holly N. aka the self-proclaimed Domestic Dork. Her blog is for those of us who don’t mind letting their dust bunnies breed while we’re doing other important stuff.)    Photo credit Madchen Studios.