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Color Me Whine


Oh dear. Looks like the color-your-own costume idea wasn’t well received. I could just see this cop breaking up a rowdy prom with a bunch of toddlers in faux tuxedo shirts. Too, tutu cute!

(Rachael strikes again! Her son’s discontent being Superman and a Bavarian boy has also been documented on this site. Wonder if he would finally smile over one of mom’s adorable tutus? In any case, thank you for all the photos.)


Handy Man


Not sure if this tiny tike is protesting his spirited hat or his missing fist. In any case, his screams are on target with the holiday.

(Thanks, Chrystal! Chrystal’s the mom of  3 girls and one bouncing baby boy, pictured above. Her adventures can be found on her blog, Mommafo.)

Kryptonite Khristmas


Mom says, “Superman’s Kryptonite: too many presents!”

Meanwhile, how awesome is it to let your little one wear a Superman costume on Christmas morning? You rock, Rachael!

(Rachael blogs for RockOnMommies. This is her second Halloween costume submission – check out Mr. Superman in his Ledherhosen here. Thank you Rachael!)

Sweet Siren


This is a fire truck and it goes we-oo, we-oo. Cute onesie? Or a dose of reality for shell-shocked new parents?

(Thanks, Heather! Heather is the talented force behind one of my favorite crafting/kid project blogs, DollarStoreCrafts. She also runs CraftFail, a hilarious look when craft projects go wrong.)  

Sad Dad


This gem is what Mama calls “The first week is a little rough on everyone.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

(Thanks, Nicole! You can check out Nicole’s adorable baby – who mostly smiles – on her blog

Casting a wary eye

Wary Eye

Wow. I can see it now. This little dude is going to pull this effective stern face on his future daughter’s prom date. Geez, I’m not even a guy and I’m already feeling judged.

(Thanks, Connie S! This is one experienced mom; 3 boys – and a baby girl on the way!)

Snuggle overload


It’s not easy being the cute, new baby in the house — everyone wants a piece of snuggle action!  Big Bro gets left out of the cold, as this baby girl is all cuddled-out.

(Thanks, Jenifer, and congrats on Baby #3!)