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Color Me Whine


Oh dear. Looks like the color-your-own costume idea wasn’t well received. I could just see this cop breaking up a rowdy prom with a bunch of toddlers in faux tuxedo shirts. Too, tutu cute!

(Rachael strikes again! Her son’s discontent being Superman and a Bavarian boy has also been documented on this site. Wonder if he would finally smile over one of mom’s adorable tutus? In any case, thank you for all the photos.)


A Swine Time


While this pic was taken years prior to the Swine Flu hysteria, here’s poor Piglet, cutting her first bottom teeth and attempting to smile with a 102 temp on her very first Halloween.

(Thanks, Cindy! Hope your Halloween this year is fever-free.)

Not clowning around



This poor kid certainly did not intend it, but his bright and cheery costume juxtaposed against his dark and dreary mood had me howling in laugher – which is exactly what effective clowns do. Well played, kiddo!

(Thanks, Sara. In addition to torturing her son every Halloween, Mom Sara runs and is a blogger to boot! We bow down not only to her multi-tasking but to these adorable & cheeky t-shirts for babies and kids — this one could be the official t-shirt for!)

Halloween: Let the wild rumpus begin

It’s October which means parents ’round the globe are meticulously selecting their children’s Halloween costumes for the end of the month. Few, if any, realize what havoc can ensue when a picky toddler or opinionated preschooler takes a stand against their chosen costume. (Don’t believe me? Check out the infamous hotdog or lobster babies previously featured).

In honor of October, will feature Halloween photos this month!

Monsters Be Gone

Monsters Be Gone

Each person who submits a bloozy Halloween photo will be entered to win Monster Repellent, a magical spray that wards off monsters, bed bugs and all SCARY things that might cause your little one to have the blooze.

The spray, along with a personalized letter to your little one, is provided by, a company that also sells Super Hero Spray, Happy Camper Spray and Sweet Dream Spray.

Have fun poring through your photo collections of sad/mad/bad kids in Halloween costumes. Bring on the fun!

Winner will be drawn randomly on November 1, 2009 and notified via email. The photo needs not to have been published on to qualify. One entry per photo submitted.

Crustacean frustration

Crustacean frustration

This little lobster is getting red in the face over the costume Mom chose for his first Halloween.

(Thanks, Jenny K.!)

Squeak toy


He also gives a firm handshake, in case you were wondering.

(Thanks, Candice S.!  A rare find… probably the only sad photo ever taken of your happy girl!)