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Mom Julie says it best: “It’s my son at 3 months in a lobster suit that we reassigned as a crab to match his sister’s Ariel the Mermaid costume. He was Sebastian, but as you can see the whole thing had him feeling… crabby….” [HA! I love it when the parents do the punny work for me!]

Thanks a million, Julie!


Sweet Siren


This is a fire truck and it goes we-oo, we-oo. Cute onesie? Or a dose of reality for shell-shocked new parents?

(Thanks, Heather! Heather is the talented force behind one of my favorite crafting/kid project blogs, DollarStoreCrafts. She also runs CraftFail, a hilarious look when craft projects go wrong.)  

Sad Dad


This gem is what Mama calls “The first week is a little rough on everyone.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

(Thanks, Nicole! You can check out Nicole’s adorable baby – who mostly smiles – on her blog

Hello beach, goodbye smile



Born and bred a Californian — still, it looks like it will take more than 3 1/2 months to get acclimated to the water. (Hint: move back to Southern CA).

(Thanks, Alison, and congrats on your little girl!)

Holy Guacamole, Batman. It’s a newborn!


Her face conveys that she is a bit nonplussed about her going-home outfit… but just wait until she gets home and sees the nursery! Dad Mike (described by his brother as a “big ol’ nerd”) not only picked out the outfit (shocker) but suggested they go old school retro in baby room decor… Behold: 8bit NES-themed baby room complete with Duck Hunt, Mario Bros, and Toadstool characters.

My only thought is WOW — there is a very tolerant and cool wife behind this enthusiastic Dad. I hear she’s also the artist behind all the cool artwork (it’s not like Pottery Barn carries “chic-geek” — not just yet.)

Can’t resist posting some photos of the room. True awesomeness:




(Thanks to Justin V. for the photos!)

Bee Happy


Could this pout BEE any cuter??

(Thanks, Lil’ Debbie! Debbie’s rockstar newborn has been featured on babyblooze once before.)

Swimming lessons


This is what Dad learned: the adorable swimsuit made a big splash; the actual act of swimming did not.

(Thanks, Peeved Michelle, for your second submission – her first is here. If her newborn daughter could talk, she would likely complain about her swimming experience on Michelle’s blog, The Peevery.)