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Handy Man


Not sure if this tiny tike is protesting his spirited hat or his missing fist. In any case, his screams are on target with the holiday.

(Thanks, Chrystal! Chrystal’s the mom of  3 girls and one bouncing baby boy, pictured above. Her adventures can be found on her blog, Mommafo.)




Yet another proof point that “The Happiest Place on Earth” (aka Disneyland) can sometimes be anything but.

Angry to the MAX


The day will be better once Mom takes him out of the box.

Thanks to Mom Carissa for the photo and for her efforts in the OfficeMax “A Day Made Better” promotion to support teachers. Carissa’s blog is one of more than 30 sites helping to spread the word about teacher-funded classrooms and is hosting a giveaway for a deserving teacher. Enter here by Sunday, October 4, midnight PDT.

Sweet Siren


This is a fire truck and it goes we-oo, we-oo. Cute onesie? Or a dose of reality for shell-shocked new parents?

(Thanks, Heather! Heather is the talented force behind one of my favorite crafting/kid project blogs, DollarStoreCrafts. She also runs CraftFail, a hilarious look when craft projects go wrong.)  

Safety First

high voltage

Mom got quite the high voltage reaction as she tried to extract a makeshift teether from her son’s mouth. What a shocker!

First Scare-cut

First Scarecut

Everyting about this salon was “child-friendly” but this little guy was convinced otherwise on his very first haircut.

(Thanks, Ashley B.!)

Swimming lessons


This is what Dad learned: the adorable swimsuit made a big splash; the actual act of swimming did not.

(Thanks, Peeved Michelle, for your second submission – her first is here. If her newborn daughter could talk, she would likely complain about her swimming experience on Michelle’s blog, The Peevery.)