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Who shot the sherriff?


Mom Jennifer reports that they lovingly called him “The Reluctant Sherriff” during the hoopla of last year’s Halloween. Not once did he lighten up during the full day of fun parties and events. She is crossing her fingers that this year’s astronaut costume is received a little more enthusiastically.

(Thanks, Jennifer! Besides picking out unappreciated Halloween costumes, Jennifer runs an awesome boutique where you can get eco-friendly products for babies, kids and home. Her blog, Baby Grows Green, offers easy and afforable tips about living green for the aspiring eco-parent.)


Nap Protest


I think every parent knows the face and the accompanying whine associated with a nap protest.

(Thanks, Jenny! This is her second submission – Check out her little dude expressing displeasure over his Halloween costume here.)

Hello beach, goodbye smile



Born and bred a Californian — still, it looks like it will take more than 3 1/2 months to get acclimated to the water. (Hint: move back to Southern CA).

(Thanks, Alison, and congrats on your little girl!)

Left Behind


The mournful look of the youngest child of the family, watching her two older sisters head out to do their big-girl activities for the day.

(Thank you so much, Sharon M.!  Check out Sharon’s previous submission – it’s one of my favorites.)

The lone tear


Her mom calls her “the crying champ of New Jersey” — in this case, the single, lone tear was a result of a chocolate shortage on her plate (but certainly not on her mouth!)

(Thanks, Tracey R.! We’ll see if anyone has the goods to dispute the “Crying Champ of New Jersey” title!)

Turn that frown upside down

Textbook unhappy face

Textbook unhappy face

Behold – I think we’ve found the perfect unhappy face… 😦 . Let’s admire the curvature of the frowny mouth, the glistening tears brimming, the hint of a runny nose. I am tempted to reposition the mouth by 180 degress just so I’d know all is right in the world again.

(Submitted by Cindy S.)