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Having reservations

performance anxiety

This “Little Indian” is putting forth his bravest face; Grandma says he was a little nervous about the school play. Through his trail of tears, we see a glimpse of a smile.

(Thank you Ann! No wonder you are a proud Grandma.)


A Swine Time


While this pic was taken years prior to the Swine Flu hysteria, here’s poor Piglet, cutting her first bottom teeth and attempting to smile with a 102 temp on her very first Halloween.

(Thanks, Cindy! Hope your Halloween this year is fever-free.)



This is one sad Buzz Lightyear; bummed out because the neighbor kids had light sabers. Suddenly the Space Ranger’s flying wings didn’t seem so cool.

Not clowning around



This poor kid certainly did not intend it, but his bright and cheery costume juxtaposed against his dark and dreary mood had me howling in laugher – which is exactly what effective clowns do. Well played, kiddo!

(Thanks, Sara. In addition to torturing her son every Halloween, Mom Sara runs and is a blogger to boot! We bow down not only to her multi-tasking but to these adorable & cheeky t-shirts for babies and kids — this one could be the official t-shirt for!)

Parting is such sweet sorrow


Grandma must be pretty special. Mom tells us this is the “don’t-make-me-leave-grandma’s-house” pout. Every time Mom mentioned leaving, her kiddo’s whole demeanor would turn from happy and playful into THIS.

(Thanks, Karmen K.!)

Love hurts

Boy with the Blooze

This is the face of a sad boy after a delightful “older woman” (she was 4) didn’t want to play with him. Luckily, the story has a happy ending – 5 minutes later, the two climbed on the monkey bars together.

(Thanks, Soumik, for the sweet shot!)